The secret of a good relationship

obody has learned about having a good relationship. Actually, we all do something. Sometimes this works very well and at other times it does not work for a meter. There is no perfect formula, but these seven pillars can help you.

Know each other

The most important events in your life, biggest dream and favorite dish. Happy couples know each other’s history and know what the other person thinks is important. Because of this knowledge you can respond well to each other. You know how to put a smile on each other’s face, but also when the other person needs space.

According to John Gottman, showing respect and affection are the most important elements for a happy relationship . This does not mean that you always agree with each other, but that you respect each other’s opinion. Everyone quarrels : also a happy couple. The difference is only that strong couples are able to prevent conflicts from getting out of hand. Respect is the basis and ensures that you do not exceed each other’s boundaries.

Have contact with each other

Has the grind slipped in? Do you live together, but do you live alongside each other? Keeping real contact with each other is therefore extremely important. All those fairy tales are fun, but far from realistic. You really do not have to dine romantically every day to live happily ever after. It is often the small things that count, such as genuine interest. For example by asking how it goes at work, making jokes and staying intimate.

Attach value to your partner’s opinion

According to the fourth pillar, it is important to value the opinion of our partner. It is therefore good to be influenced by your partner. This does not mean that you do everything the other wants, but that you take the other person seriously. Men seem to have more trouble with this than women, with the result that the relationship breaks down more quickly.

At the end of the day we are all influenced by the people we deal with. It is therefore normal that we are also influenced by our partner, but also important. We hereby show that we appreciate the opinion of the other person.

Solve problems

The good thing about a relationship is that you share a lot together. All beautiful things, but also problems. The fifth pillar is about solving problems. In a good relationship it is important to solve problems together. Whether it is a dispute with each other or other conflicts. Together it is easier than alone.

Rent a moving elevator in Groningen?

Do you live on the first floor, or higher? Then it is certainly advisable to rent a moving lift with the moving service. This can save you a lot of work and back pain, especially when it comes to heavy furniture such as washing machines or pianos. Your mover will operate the moving elevator: you do not have to know the operation of moving lifts yourself and there are moving lifts that can even transport you to the ninth floor. A moving elevator is an extra cost, but if you think about how much physical effort (yours or the mover) saves hiring a moving lift, the extra costs are certainly worth it and it is even quite cheap. With us you can request quotations for moving services with moving elevator, to keep the move as cheap as possible.

Furniture transport

Whether you are going to a small private move or a big business move to Groningen, relocating is a heavy job. Fortunately, you can use a moving company, and that is nowadays quite cheap. Especially for heavy items such as a washing machine, an oak coffee table, a piano, or valuable items such as art and antiques, it is nice to have a moving service. If necessary, they will use a moving lift for moving furniture such as heavy antiques and pianos. Hiring a moving company is nowadays quite cheap, especially if you assume that your furniture is insured during the move. You can trust an authorized moving service with your valuables and you can move to Groningen without too much stress.

Compare multiple moving companies!

Packing service and assembly

An authorized removal service offers additional options to make it as easy as possible for you. For example, the movers can help you with a packing service: all your valuable furniture will then be well protected before they are moved to Groningen by the movers in the removal van. After the move, you naturally want to enjoy the new home. To make it easier, the movers can help you with assembly: connecting washing machines, hanging up lights, et cetera. Through our website you can find cheap assembly and packaging services for when you want to move to Groningen.

mover Groningen

Moving the piano

It is often thought that a piano can easily be moved, but nothing is less true. A piano is a heavy piece of furniture that can not easily be moved by yourself. Also, the lacquer of the piano is very susceptible to scratches. Pianistic transport is complicated and therefore we recommend that you arrange the piano transport to Groningen by movers. If you live or live on the first floor (or higher), you may need a moving elevator for this. Then the piano will be secured in the moving van. Are you moving to Groningen and are you looking for a cheap moving service that can help you with the piano transport and the moving elevator? Ask for free and no-obligation removal offers on our website.

Move the washing machine

Maybe your budget is not sufficient enough to outsource the entire move. We are more likely to participate in Groningen, especially in recent years. During the relocation, you often make use of family and friends who all get their belongings armed with their own transport. Fine! But some objects to be transported are just a bit too big in terms of size and weight. No problem. You can also hire us for just moving white goods or for example a jukebox. A washing machine is not the finest device to move, the device is very heavy and the weight is uneven. If you pick up a washing machine it often wants to tilt and the weight is then only one person to lie, this will be very heavy and so happen accidents.

Enable a removal company to move your washing machine

The movers of a moving company in Groningen have experience with this kind of heavy stuff. If you occupy an upper floor, they can also use one of the available moving lifts. Leave the heavy work to a mover and avoid accidents and pain on your back!

Household storage

Are you going to move to Groningen, but do you need a household inventory between moving house? That’s no problem. Moving companies often have a good, secure household inventory for your business relocation, or private relocation to Groningen. To get your stuff in the furniture store, a moving elevator can be rented and the movers can put the stuff in the moving van and transport it to Groningen. The contents storage is often heated and always meets the most stringent requirements. The contents storage is cheap. Especially when you buy it in a package with the complete removal service you can save on costs.

cheap moving Groningen

Enable the benefits of a moving company

Congratulations on your new home! After all the fun and joy of obtaining a new home you will now have to move your entire contents. Are you going to do this yourself or would you rather spend it? Here you can read what benefits a removal company has over doing it yourself. The main reason why people relocate is to save money. Yet the same people often say after the move: “the next time I will move, what a job!”.

House Hiring or Renting through Real Estate Agent

Are you looking for a real estate agent in Eindhoven, Den Bosch or Tilburg for renting or renting a house? A broker from Stoit specializes in the temporary rental or rental of your home. We have been working for 30 years with a network of more than 150,000 knowledge workers from Philips, ASML, VDL and PSV. These knowledge workers, or ‘expats’, have a stable income and are very reliable tenants.

1. Rent rental housing through real estate agent

Are you looking for rental properties to rent through real estate agents? A broker from Stoit will gladly help you with the rental of your dream home. View this offer in rental housing.

2. Why rent properties through brokers from Stoit?

More and more people choose to use the services of estate agents for the rental of housing. You can of course choose to take care of the private rental, but many are mistaken in the many (administrative) work that private home rentals entails. In addition, there is a lot of laws and regulations that you will then face. If you hire a professional, you will be completely unburdened in this area.

steps to take in the rental

3. The services of Stoit and its rental brokers

Do you opt for the services of a broker from Stoit when renting out your home? Then we will talk to you about your wishes and needs and we will advise you on the rent and the form of the rental. After the agreement, your home is clearly and clearly presented and promoted on more than 25 websites. A tenant is quickly found on the basis of our profile sketches and free viewings! Then we proceed to make a letter of intent and lease, after which the key handover will follow. Stoit arranges everything around your rental properties, think of the administration, renting, troubleshooting and complaints and so on! At Stoit you are at the right address for the rental of your rental properties.

4. Make a no-obligation appointment

Are you thinking about letting a rental company such as Stoit unburden you? Then you may still have the necessary questions or remarks. Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibilities with one of our employees in an informal meeting . We look forward to seeing you back at Stoit!

Creative real estate Marketing ideas

The real estate sector can be very competitive, so having a marketing plan in place is essential to success. If you really want to stand out among your competitors, however, there are several creative marketing techniques you can try that may be the difference between a difficult month and conclusion of the contract on your property. Experiment with these unique marketing ideas, and continue to use those that most potential buyers establish your real estate.
Gift bags
Giving gift bags to potential buyers is a creative marketing idea that will not forget customers and the piece of real estate can help your sales. Pack gift bag with things like magnets, candy and treats, real estate resources and tips for buying. The bags pass out to any future customers. For example, if you keep an open house, give certificate and gift bag to every person who is going to see your property.
Virtual slide show
A creative way to market your real estate is to create a virtual slide show. Hire a professional videographer for film material of the interior and exterior of your properties. Have him make a mounting clips for each of your pieces of real estate, then post them on your website and on YouTube. According to the 2010 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 74 percent of buyers now use Internet real estate research before they buy. This means that virtual slider showcases are a great way for potential buyers to see a “virtual tour” of your property without actually having to come see the property.
Create a web page
Most real estate sellers post an offer from their home on a website that is filled with thousands of other real estate listings. However, you can stand out among the crowd by developing a website especially for your home. Choose a catchy, unique URL, such as “” or “” so that buyers remember you. Hire a web designer and the copywriter to help you build the website. Many pictures of the interior and exterior of your home, and a description of the main features and benefits of your property offers. Things like improvements to your property, location and amenities include. Finally, contain your contact information so that potential buyers can easily reach you.
Handwritten postcards
In today’s world of digital print pieces and junk mail can send a postcard written in your own handwriting a creative marketing idea that really stands out. First, partner with a list provider that allows you to create a list of individuals who are potential buyers for your real estate. Once you have your list ready to go, write a personal postcard that communicates your greatest functions and benefits. Also your contact details. For example, “Dear Mike – if you’re in the market for a new home, you can have a 2,000-square-foot gem at the most sought after block in Royal Park. Completely stripped and updated in ’09 and walking distance to the best schools in town Call me for more information … Scott 555-1212. ” Include a photo of your property on the front of the postcard too.

Mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers for the financing of mortgages

Now there is no need to worry about the regulation of the required capital to pursue his / her wishes. A person can easily finance his monetary needs with regard to a company, expansion of the company, buying a new house / property, etc. an established mortgage broker.
A mortgage broker acts as the connecting link between a borrower and mortgage lenders and has a twofold purpose. It helps those who need money to acquire it through correct and hassle-free resources and on the other hand helps mortgage lenders, including banks and other financial institutions, to have more customers. Mortgage brokers through their mortgage network lenders present at various places helps a borrower to find appropriate mortgage solutions. Based on a person’s creditworthiness, mortgage lenders offer a variety of loans to meet his needs at suitable mortgage rates and under the conditions that the borrower must meet.
There are a number of mortgage services offered by mortgage brokers. including mortgage loan, commercial mortgage, second mortgage, fixed mortgage, reverse mortgage and bad credit mortgage. They also offer mortgage insurance and mortgage refinancing. 
A mortgage broker collects all the necessary formalities on behalf of the borrower, such as completing forms and drafting all documents that must be handed over to the lender. Likewise, it prepares the credit history of the borrowers for credit institutions. Moreover, it offers the necessary guidance and advice to the borrower about which service is best for him and what amount he can receive as a mortgage loan. 
Benefits of hiring a mortgage broker:
Aware of market trends, it acts as an appropriate adviser 
Undertakes complex tasks relating to funding procedures 
Is well aware of the interest rates, the best services to offer the best mortgage solution 
not suffer from a very low fee 
makes mortgage loans easily 
Helps to acquire capital in the shortest possible time 
Has a well-distributed network of mortgage lenders
With so many facilities available to arrange financing that acts as the main hurdle, one can now continue with his wishes and fulfillment his long-cherished dreams of owning a home, starting a new business or expanding it, buying new machines, construction, etc.

Mortgage broker versus direct lenders: what is the best?

If you are looking for a home and have found the perfect place, your next step is to secure a mortgage. For many people this is the stressful part. You must verify your income, review your creditworthiness report and prove that you are a worthy borrower. Then the next step is to find out where to get a mortgage. You have two options for finding a mortgage for your future home: mortgage brokers and direct money lenders. There are different differences between the two. Read below for more information on determining the best fit.

Direct Lenders

A direct lender is someone who can offer a mortgage, including commercial banks that offer a whole range of services and mortgage banks. If you choose to find a mortgage through direct lenders instead of mortgage brokers, you must apply for this separately for each lender. This can make the process too time-consuming for some busy customers. Nowadays there is little variation between the rates and conditions, so it may seem like a hassle to consult many lenders. But even a difference of 1% can make a huge difference in the life of your loan. (For more information, see: 5 secrets that you did not know about mortgages 

One of the advantages of direct lenders is that it is easier to solve problems that can occur immediately. Your broker may not be able to answer any questions from the lender, so you can get better results if you talk directly to a lender. Going through a direct lender can also be faster than using a broker. If you have multiple accounts with the same bank, they may offer the best rates to be a loyal and valuable customer. (For more information, see: How interest rates work on a mortgage .)

Mortgage brokers

The main advantage of a mortgage broker is that they can get different offers from different lenders and present them to you. Instead of applying separately to each lender, you only have to speak to one mortgage broker to see what your options are. (For more information, see: How to get the best mortgage rates .)

People had a negative view on mortgage brokers because they were loosely regulated and were therefore known as tempting borrowers to make a high choice-risk mortgages. Now that more protections have been set up, they are a good alternative if you do not want to use a direct lender. You can still use a number of mortgage brokers to ensure that they have done their due diligence. They earn money when you choose a mortgage, so do not be fooled that they only represent your own interests.

Borrowers who use such mortgage brokers can solve potential problems before they go to a bank. The broker can also let them know what their options can be before the lender does so to ensure that their expectations are in line with reality. Mortgage brokers receive a final payment based on the mortgage. If you do not want to pay that compensation, you must find a lender who is willing to pay the mortgage broker’s fee. (For more information, see: How to choose the right online mortgage lender .)

The bottom line

You do not have to choose between mortgage brokers and direct lenders. You can get quotes from both to see what is available to you. If you call both mortgage brokers and direct lenders to compare their rates, you can more honestly assess which route you want to go. If you get a recommendation for a mortgage broker and do not want the hassle of contacting different banks, a broker may be the better option. If you already have a bank with which you have a good relationship, they may be able to give you a better mortgage.

Mortgage loan to your size

Are you considering buying a house or building plot? Do you have renovation plans? Or do you want to revise a current loan? You can skim yourself all sorts of banks in search of the best credit. Or you will immediately visit Marc Swevers for a loan that suits you. Simple, fast and crystal clear.

The best conditions on the market

You can not take out a loan every day. Often you can not see the forest through the trees, because there are 101 lending formulas and bank proposals. It is therefore important to obtain sound and objective information. We can be your guide in this. 

As a recognized mortgage broker at the mortgage store, Marc Swevers proposes the most advantageous financing. Based on your specific situation and plans, he compares the interest rates and formulas of 25 banks and credit institutions free of charge. He not only seeks the very best rate, but also explains exactly what the consequences are of a specific choice.

Free advice from the mortgage expert

What types of loans exist? Choose your best for a fixed or variable interest rate? Which term is most suitable for you? And what about taxation? We offer you a clear answer to all these and other questions. Moreover, our advice is 100% independent and completely free.

Knowing more?

Consult the website of mortgage store or contact us immediately for an appointment. Without further obligations we will search together for a loan formula that really suits you. 

types of loans: discover the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing

Every situation is different. What is an advantage for one housing project can be disadvantageous for your project. It is not always easy to choose from the different types of loans the formula that fits your objective. Expert advice is very important if you are going to borrow. We point out the benefits and benefits of each loan. 
The mortgage store always leaves your situation and your plans. After a thorough analysis, we propose a number of formulas. Each formula has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice for you … 

Get acquainted with the different types of loans here:

fixed humanities

One of the classic types of loans in mortgage land. The amount of the monthly repayment remains unchanged during the entire term of the loan (at a fixed interest rate). What changes is the ratio between the capital portion and the interest portion, but that does not affect the monthly amount. 
The interest component decreases and the capital part increases as your loan progresses. Approximately one-third of the capital is paid off after half of the term.

fixed monthly capital repayments

With this lending formula you pay the same amount of capital every month, but the interest is higher in the beginning and gradually decreases towards the end of the term. In the beginning you pay more monthly, at the end of the loan the monthly repayment has already shrunk considerably. 
Compared to fixed humanities, the total cost of this formula is much lower. With fixed monthly capital repayments, half of the capital has already been repaid after half of the term.

budget loan

The budget loan has many advantages. 
It is a flexible lending formula that starts from the available budget. People who borrow at the beginning of their professional career can realize their dream in this way. The first monthly payment is lower than that of a traditional loan. The monthly charge is then indexed. This indexation follows the normal increase in income. This type of loan allows you to acquire a house earlier in your career and keep it affordable for the entire duration of the loan. 
A monthly charge that follows your budget is therefore not a dream but a reality.

variable linear capital repayments

That formula absolutely allows customization. Based on your income and financial capacity, an amount of capital is determined that the first month must be repaid. Do you want to pay more in the first years because you plan to work part-time? Or do you wish to pay less because you are at the beginning of your professional career? This formula allows you to align your loan as much as possible with your vision of life.

fixed term

During the term of the loan you only pay interest on a monthly basis. At the end of the agreed term you repay the capital in one go. 
An ideal formula in combination with a savings plan or if you think you have a sum of money within a certain period of time. (donation, sale, investment, …) Tax also very interesting because only interest (deductible) is paid.

accordion loan

With an accordion loan you pay with a variable interest rate a fixed monthly amount, but the duration of your loan plays as it were accordion. This duration can extend or shorten depending on the evolution of the interest. 
One accordion is not the other, and there are many variants.

125% loan

This loan allows you to borrow up to 125% of the purchase value of your home. The notary costs, VAT or costs of the architect can thus be paid via the loan. 
Your own resources remain untouched in this way. That way, you can keep an apple for the thirst or you can even borrow without having already spared. 
Through the bail insurance you can significantly lower the interest rate. The premium for this insurance is also derived.

loan with temporary postponement of capital repayment

Certain loan formulas allow a partial or full postponement of the capital repayment in the initial phase. The monthly payment is then considerably lower during the first years. 
An excellent alternative for people who are at the beginning of their careers, or to step up the house step by step. A lower monthly amount in the initial phase can of course also contribute to the burden of current credits such as car financing or consumer credit.

a loan tailored to your size

There are many different types of loans and formulas, too many to mention. Small differences often have a major impact on the feasibility or on the total cost of the loan. More and more new formulas are responding to the new needs of the borrower. 
The mortgage store keeps a close eye on developments in mortgage land. Jump into one of our mortgage stores. We list the advantages and disadvantages of each type of loan and together with you, without further obligations, look for a formula that suits your needs.

What does a credit broker do for you as a customer?

A credit broker usually works with purchasing organizations / mortgage cells supplemented with a number of separate banks that they work with directly. After receiving the data from the customer in this portfolio, he looks for the best customized proposal for his customer. Usually when he receives the data he knows which company the file can best be placed into account, taking into account a number of parameters and specializations of various companies. In doing so, he normally also takes into account the preconditions, in particular linked conditions such as debt balance insurance / ORVs, wage direct debits, fire insurances … because these coupled cases are often the reason that a credit that is very attractive at first sight with a sharp interest rate, ultimately in combination with the obligations still appears to be the most expensive choice. After concluding the credit, the broker also keeps an eye on whether there are periods during the loan that an acquisition or adjustment of the credit is opportune.

This is what a credit broker does for you

Actually, this is a little contradictory when we put things right for a while. The credit broker searches for the best solution for the customer and is paid by the society where he ultimately places the credit. This fee only applies to new files, so not to adjustments in current files.

Companies also give some brokers the possibility to give discounts where they drop part of their own application fee. If a broker wants to offer the best rate, he will have to go into his own money pouch, while the bank can keep its own margin. How can the broker also offer the customer the sharpest proposal and negotiate hard, without the society, which in principle paid its bills, to stamp too much? Different companies also imply different application fees, one company gives as incentive a higher application / closing fee, the other company may pay a higher volume bonus at the end of the year.

Why hire a moving company?

Some people think that moving can be arranged. That is cheaper than hiring a moving company, but is often underestimated. That is why many people choose to hire an authorized moving service. Moving companies work quickly, very professionally and are quite cheap. What many people do not know, but what is not unimportant, is that if you hire a moving company, your belongings are insured during the move up to an amount of € 100,000. Hiring a moving company does not have to cost much at all and ensures a smooth, carefree move so that you can enjoy your new home in Groningen.

For individuals and companies

A moving company arranges a move to Groningen to measure. Any business or private move can be provided by a moving company. With a business relocation it is useful to appoint a coordinator and make a scenario. Whether you want to be helped with a small, private move or a large company relocation, you want to be as cheap as possible. On our website you can filter on a private, business or international move to find a cheap quote for your (business) move. This way you can keep moving to Groningen as cheap as possible, and you can choose a moving company that suits you.

Large and small removals

It does not matter whether you are waiting for a small relocation within Groningen, a major relocation, or even an international relocation: the movers will be waiting for you with their removal van. In order to keep the move as cheap as possible, the moving company can use a smaller removal van. Do you have a lot of things to move? Then the removal companies can offer an extra hand. The movers can help with extra services such as assembly of your stuff and the companies also have a professional packing service. Through our website you can easily request quotes to compare the best moving companies.

International removals

Are you going to move abroad? Then it is good to know that a moving company can help you cheaply with an international move. After all, you already have enough instructions and stress on your mind. If you are looking for a cheap international move to Groningen, you are at the right address. To keep international moving cheap you can request quotes from us. There are moving companies that specialize in international moving: they have many partners abroad and offer specific routes in which they are the best. Request quotes easily and without any costs and save up to 40% on the costs of the international move. That way moving is very cheap!

Cheap and professional moving in Hoofddorp

You do not only have to arrange your entire move. Make use of the services of a recognized moving company. Well-trained and experienced professionals plan your move and leave nothing to chance. Make your wishes known and determine together what you do yourself and what the moving company does. Work with people who have made their job of moving. They deal with various removals every day. From a private household to a complete and complex office move, you do it together with a removal company from Hoofddorp.

Professional material

As a moving company Hoofddorp we use professional material. For example, we use moving lifts that can lift up to the 5th floor. Perfect when you are moving from an apartment on the 5th floor to a single-family home. The moving elevator can then be used at both locations to move quickly and safely. Because we almost only have electric moving lifts, the rest of the neighborhood has no inconvenience of the moving elevator. In addition to the moving lifts, we use a moving van for every move. The large removal vans can easily move the large furniture, but we also use the moving vans for your small belongings. In addition to the large material, we also use material to protect your belongings against damage. Think of blankets and cardboard.

Enthusiastic movers

As a moving company Hoofddorp, we work with enthusiastic employees who handle your possessions with care. A clear division of roles and reliable training are the success factors of our removal teams. Combine this with the fact that our teams have a relatively young occupation and you get an enthusiastic, efficient and cheap moving company in Hoofddorp.

The cheapest moving company Hoofddorp

Start planning your move in and to Hoofddorp today. Spend your move or part of it to hard-working, well-trained professionals. They are available 24 hours a day and can be used flexibly. Your properties are treated with care and are insured during the relocation. Do you want to know how cheap a move can be in Hoofddorp? Then fill in the quotation form as completely as possible and within 1 hour you know the costs for your move. Requesting a removal quote has never been so fast and you will be surprised at the pleasantly low rates. Cheap move in Hoofddorp, it can and really does exist at

Moving company in Hoofddorp and surroundings

If you move to or within Hoofddorp, you probably opt for a local removal company. Hoofddorp is for them as the pocket and they know Hoofddorp like no other and they know what obstacles might be during the move. Similarly Profitable Removal Service. Work with us with movers who know Bornholm, Floriande, Graan voor Visch, Pax and Weberhout. Professional movers who know which streets are easily accessible and with which materials can be moved. The moving company can, if necessary, take care of parking permits in good time. Everything to make the day of the move as smooth as possible. Let the moving company do your entire move, from packing the boxes to moving furniture and white goods. Or choose to do a part yourself.

Within Hoofddorp we move as a professional removal company many seniors. With these relocations there is often moved from a larger house to a smaller house. Not all furniture can be moved to the new location. That is why we also offer to stop at several locations during the relocation service. The unnecessary furniture can then be stored somewhere else. This is of course also possible for relocations that do not go to retirement homes.

International moving from or to Hoofddorp

Hoofddorp, near Schiphol and large (inter) national companies. You can also use cheap movers for your international relocation to or from Hoofddorp. You fill in the application form on the site and you will receive a quotation within 1 hour. Enter the correct data, state the number of m3, the size of your household effects, the removal locations and the distance from the old one to the new address. Outsourcing your international relocation to a removal service in Hoofddorp is in good hands and you can be confident that you are working with professionals who know the city and calculate the shortest route from A to B.

Low-Budget and Full-Service moving company Hoofddorp

There is a suitable removal solution for every wallet. Students often have fewer things to move than a family. There are options for small removal vans and large XL removal vans that are also suitable for company relocations and international trips. Together with the mover, you determine whether a moving lift may be required . Moving does not have to be expensive. You work with flexible professionals who know how to handle and you also know the costs in advance so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards. Moreover, thanks to the flexible working method of you can also use manpower for moving to or from Hoofddorp or to other cities such as Haarlem and Alkmaar.. Wondering what the move will cost you? Then use the simple application form from!

Also for all your business relocations in the vicinity of Hoofddorp

The relocation of your company requires thorough and accurate planning. Your business activities should preferably continue during the relocation and your customers should not be hindered by changing your address details. Therefore, you should also outsource your business move to an authorized removal company in Hoofddorp. Fill in the quotation form and indicate what your contents consist of. Within 1 hour you will receive a suitable quotation and you can discuss the details of the planned removal. Your office inventory and any inventory will be moved quickly and expertly to your new company address.