5 reasons to invest in a student room

1. Number of students rising in West Flanders

West Flemish colleges are seeing their student numbers rise. This school year there are 15% more students than last academic year. With the arrival of a university in Bruges, this will continue in an upward trend. In Kortrijk there are already several colleges and a university.

2. Old student rooms are no longer popular

Students have increasingly higher demands in terms of comfort and quality. Studio Brugge and Residentie Wandelweg are both new and offer the necessary comfort. The fact that everything is new and sustainable does not only provide benefits for the residents, it is also important as owner that you do not immediately have maintenance or repair costs.

In addition, the projects are tailored to the needs of the students. There are common areas where they can relax, cook or study together.

3. Standards will strengthen, so supply will decrease

In the coming years, the standards and rules surrounding the rental of student rooms will become increasingly stringent. For example, it is possible that student rooms in homes will no longer be allowed. The energy laws are also getting stricter. You can therefore invest better in a new or renovated student room.

4. Location

The location is very important for students, because they are mostly dependent on public transport. Few students have a car, so they have to use public transport or a bicycle. Studio Brugge and Residentie Wandelweg are both close to the station and within cycling distance of the colleges and university.

5. No worries

The student rooms are ready to go. The rooms are painted and furnished, so that you do not have to put in any more work yourself. We are responsible for the rental and on top of that there is a student coach (at Studio Brugge) and a handyman (at Wandelweg) who is always at the disposal of problems.

As a parent, this is certainly an interesting investment. During the studies of your son or daughter you do not have to pay rent and after their studies you have income from other students.

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