Creative Retail Marketing ideas to get customers

Most retail stores depend on walk-in traffic and a constant flow of customers to grow and benefit. Regardless of the type of business, there are many creative marketing ideas to attract new customers to most types of retail stores, including clothing stores, restaurants, beauty salons, professional services and car dealers. Many marketing techniques can be cost-effective at managers with small marketing budgets.

Display windows

  • Attractive shop windows can help build the company brand and bring potential customers through the retail store. The key is to attract attention, professional appearance. The screen must be well-lit and clean. If you sell supplier products such as clothing or beauty supplies, most suppliers will offer professional AV and posters to place in the windows. Some companies change their window displays on a monthly basis, using the seasons and holidays as themes.

Events and promotions

  • Many retail stores use sales and promotions to attract new customers, such as holiday sales. Some companies happily host events and offer food and drinks while customers shop. Others give gifts to entice customers to buy other products. Contests such as guessing games or free lunches can be used to gather prospect contact information.

Internet marketing

  • Fundamental websites are a popular, inexpensive way to find new customers from a retail store. Advertising specials and information are some of the primary applications for this type of instrument. E-mail messages are almost always much cheaper than direct mail pieces.

Marketing communications

  • There are many marketing communication ideas to build brand awareness with potential customers. Some companies publish newsletters with useful information about industry news, as well as upcoming product launches. Writing industry advice or tips columns for local newspapers are getting their business name off.

Many retail stores make an employee of the year or the 1000th customer award to win the free press for their businesses. Other companies do charitable work and press.

Loyalty programs

  • Many retail stores to win customer loyalty programs more repeat business. Examples are “buy and free” or some kind of discount card program for regular customers.

Local networks Some retail business managers use networks to build relationships with other local businesses and to win new customers. Membership of the local chamber of commerce or serving on local association boards are a common way to build brand awareness. Many owners of small retail businesses participate in professional breakfast clubs or web communities to measure potential customers, as well as information on cross-promotional opportunities.

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