House Hiring or Renting through Real Estate Agent


Are you looking for a real estate agent in Eindhoven, Den Bosch or Tilburg for renting or renting a house? A broker from Stoit specializes in the temporary rental or rental of your home. We have been working for 30 years with a network of more than 150,000 knowledge workers from Philips, ASML, VDL and PSV. These knowledge workers, or ‘expats’, have a stable income and are very reliable tenants.

1. Rent rental housing through real estate agent

Are you looking for rental properties to rent through real estate agents? A broker from Stoit will gladly help you with the rental of your dream home. View this offer in rental housing.

2. Why rent properties through brokers from Stoit?

More and more people choose to use the services of estate agents for the rental of housing. You can of course choose to take care of the private rental, but many are mistaken in the many (administrative) work that private home rentals entails. In addition, there is a lot of laws and regulations that you will then face. If you hire a professional, you will be completely unburdened in this area.

steps to take in the rental

3. The services of Stoit and its rental brokers

Do you opt for the services of a broker from Stoit when renting out your home? Then we will talk to you about your wishes and needs and we will advise you on the rent and the form of the rental. After the agreement, your home is clearly and clearly presented and promoted on more than 25 websites. A tenant is quickly found on the basis of our profile sketches and free viewings! Then we proceed to make a letter of intent and lease, after which the key handover will follow. Stoit arranges everything around your rental properties, think of the administration, renting, troubleshooting and complaints and so on! At Stoit you are at the right address for the rental of your rental properties.

4. Make a no-obligation appointment

Are you thinking about letting a rental company such as Stoit unburden you? Then you may still have the necessary questions or remarks. Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibilities with one of our employees in an informal meeting . We look forward to seeing you back at Stoit!

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