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Are you considering buying a house or building plot? Do you have renovation plans? Or do you want to revise a current loan? You can skim yourself all sorts of banks in search of the best credit. Or you will immediately visit Marc Swevers for a loan that suits you. Simple, fast and crystal clear.

The best conditions on the market

You can not take out a loan every day. Often you can not see the forest through the trees, because there are 101 lending formulas and bank proposals. It is therefore important to obtain sound and objective information. We can be your guide in this. 

As a recognized mortgage broker at the mortgage store, Marc Swevers proposes the most advantageous financing. Based on your specific situation and plans, he compares the interest rates and formulas of 25 banks and credit institutions free of charge. He not only seeks the very best rate, but also explains exactly what the consequences are of a specific choice.

Free advice from the mortgage expert

What types of loans exist? Choose your best for a fixed or variable interest rate? Which term is most suitable for you? And what about taxation? We offer you a clear answer to all these and other questions. Moreover, our advice is 100% independent and completely free.

Knowing more?

Consult the website of mortgage store or contact us immediately for an appointment. Without further obligations we will search together for a loan formula that really suits you. 

  • Types of loans
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types of loans: discover the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing

Every situation is different. What is an advantage for one housing project can be disadvantageous for your project. It is not always easy to choose from the different types of loans the formula that fits your objective. Expert advice is very important if you are going to borrow. We point out the benefits and benefits of each loan. 
The mortgage store always leaves your situation and your plans. After a thorough analysis, we propose a number of formulas. Each formula has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice for you … 

Get acquainted with the different types of loans here:

fixed humanities

One of the classic types of loans in mortgage land. The amount of the monthly repayment remains unchanged during the entire term of the loan (at a fixed interest rate). What changes is the ratio between the capital portion and the interest portion, but that does not affect the monthly amount. 
The interest component decreases and the capital part increases as your loan progresses. Approximately one-third of the capital is paid off after half of the term.

fixed monthly capital repayments

With this lending formula you pay the same amount of capital every month, but the interest is higher in the beginning and gradually decreases towards the end of the term. In the beginning you pay more monthly, at the end of the loan the monthly repayment has already shrunk considerably. 
Compared to fixed humanities, the total cost of this formula is much lower. With fixed monthly capital repayments, half of the capital has already been repaid after half of the term.

budget loan

The budget loan has many advantages. 
It is a flexible lending formula that starts from the available budget. People who borrow at the beginning of their professional career can realize their dream in this way. The first monthly payment is lower than that of a traditional loan. The monthly charge is then indexed. This indexation follows the normal increase in income. This type of loan allows you to acquire a house earlier in your career and keep it affordable for the entire duration of the loan. 
A monthly charge that follows your budget is therefore not a dream but a reality.

variable linear capital repayments

That formula absolutely allows customization. Based on your income and financial capacity, an amount of capital is determined that the first month must be repaid. Do you want to pay more in the first years because you plan to work part-time? Or do you wish to pay less because you are at the beginning of your professional career? This formula allows you to align your loan as much as possible with your vision of life.

fixed term

During the term of the loan you only pay interest on a monthly basis. At the end of the agreed term you repay the capital in one go. 
An ideal formula in combination with a savings plan or if you think you have a sum of money within a certain period of time. (donation, sale, investment, …) Tax also very interesting because only interest (deductible) is paid.

accordion loan

With an accordion loan you pay with a variable interest rate a fixed monthly amount, but the duration of your loan plays as it were accordion. This duration can extend or shorten depending on the evolution of the interest. 
One accordion is not the other, and there are many variants.

125% loan

This loan allows you to borrow up to 125% of the purchase value of your home. The notary costs, VAT or costs of the architect can thus be paid via the loan. 
Your own resources remain untouched in this way. That way, you can keep an apple for the thirst or you can even borrow without having already spared. 
Through the bail insurance you can significantly lower the interest rate. The premium for this insurance is also derived.

loan with temporary postponement of capital repayment

Certain loan formulas allow a partial or full postponement of the capital repayment in the initial phase. The monthly payment is then considerably lower during the first years. 
An excellent alternative for people who are at the beginning of their careers, or to step up the house step by step. A lower monthly amount in the initial phase can of course also contribute to the burden of current credits such as car financing or consumer credit.

a loan tailored to your size

There are many different types of loans and formulas, too many to mention. Small differences often have a major impact on the feasibility or on the total cost of the loan. More and more new formulas are responding to the new needs of the borrower. 
The mortgage store keeps a close eye on developments in mortgage land. Jump into one of our mortgage stores. We list the advantages and disadvantages of each type of loan and together with you, without further obligations, look for a formula that suits your needs.

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