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Thousands of people across the world have had to deal with moving since the beginning of man, as long as people have lived with possessions they have also had to move. Many Native American tribes moved across the country, relocating to follow food sources and evade tribal conflict. While many things have changed one thing has not, no one likes to move. How can we make it so we don’t need to hire a moving company and turn our lives upside down every so many years? There is a way.

The above example referencing Native Americans is not too far off from the theme behind this article. As western culture expanded across the globe and the industrial revolution changed the way we lived here in the US, people learned to be part of a consumer society based on economics. People always worked and there was always currency in one form or another, but with the advances in technology people could earn money and spend it in ways never before possible in the US. Sears catalogue introduced an entire population to all the things they could buy with their hard earned money, and there were plenty. The race began to acquire possessions, and everyone was competing.

So what does the industrial revolution have to do with not needing a moving company? You need a moving company because you have accumulated so many possessions you can’t manage them yourself. This article is less about how to avoid a moving company and more about how to live in a more natural way that doesn’t require one. Logic would tell us that like the Native Americans, we should be able to manage our belongings if they truly fit in our lives. When Native American tribes moved, they all had to pack up and actually carry their belongings to the next location. This meant each possession is viewed in a truly objective way, weighing the need of an object against the effort it will take to keep it.

Our society is based on a consumer culture that leads you to believe that accumulating belongings is normal and is somehow a measure of your value as a person. This is a falsity that most people accept, and thus need a moving company.

Try this, rent an apartment or house that is relative in size to the number of people living in it, as to not create a need to take care of an area that isn’t necessary. Instead of “investing” in expensive new furniture, buy used furniture from someone who is moving and needs to get rid of their stuff. You can sometimes find expensive furniture from people who sell it cheap because they don’t want to deal with moving it. Now you have nice furniture you didn’t spend too much for and a living environment that doesn’t require extra maintenance. The next step is the hard part…reevaluate the way you view your money and what you do with it. If you regularly go “shopping” this may be difficult but you need to view items like the Native Americans did. Ask yourself, “do I need this enough to move it myself?”

If you are successful in your spiritual and economical awakening you will limit your accumulation of unneeded items, and maybe even travel around the world because your not distracted by your “stuff” at home. The point is, when it comes time to move you can put an ad online and sell your furniture and replaceable belongings. Only having a few truly important possessions to move, you will be free to go where you choose and not need a moving company. It is better not to be defined by your possessions, and the more people have the more that tends to happen.

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