Rent a moving elevator in Groningen?

Rent a moving elevator in Groningen?
Rent a moving elevator in Groningen?

Do you live on the first floor, or higher? Then it is certainly advisable to rent a moving lift with the moving service. This can save you a lot of work and back pain, especially when it comes to heavy furniture such as washing machines or pianos. Your mover will operate the moving elevator: you do not have to know the operation of moving lifts yourself and there are moving lifts that can even transport you to the ninth floor. A moving elevator is an extra cost, but if you think about how much physical effort (yours or the mover) saves hiring a moving lift, the extra costs are certainly worth it and it is even quite cheap. With us you can request quotations for moving services with moving elevator, to keep the move as cheap as possible.

Furniture transport

Whether you are going to a small private move or a big business move to Groningen, relocating is a heavy job. Fortunately, you can use a moving company, and that is nowadays quite cheap. Especially for heavy items such as a washing machine, an oak coffee table, a piano, or valuable items such as art and antiques, it is nice to have a moving service. If necessary, they will use a moving lift for moving furniture such as heavy antiques and pianos. Hiring a moving company is nowadays quite cheap, especially if you assume that your furniture is insured during the move. You can trust an authorized moving service with your valuables and you can move to Groningen without too much stress.

Compare multiple moving companies!

Packing service and assembly

An authorized removal service offers additional options to make it as easy as possible for you. For example, the movers can help you with a packing service: all your valuable furniture will then be well protected before they are moved to Groningen by the movers in the removal van. After the move, you naturally want to enjoy the new home. To make it easier, the movers can help you with assembly: connecting washing machines, hanging up lights, et cetera. Through our website you can find cheap assembly and packaging services for when you want to move to Groningen.


Moving the piano

It is often thought that a piano can easily be moved, but nothing is less true. A piano is a heavy piece of furniture that can not easily be moved by yourself. Also, the lacquer of the piano is very susceptible to scratches. Pianistic transport is complicated and therefore we recommend that you arrange the piano transport to Groningen by movers. If you live or live on the first floor (or higher), you may need a moving elevator for this. Then the piano will be secured in the moving van. Are you moving to Groningen and are you looking for a cheap moving service that can help you with the piano transport and the moving elevator? Ask for free and no-obligation removal offers on our website.

Move the washing machine

Maybe your budget is not sufficient enough to outsource the entire move. We are more likely to participate in Groningen, especially in recent years. During the relocation, you often make use of family and friends who all get their belongings armed with their own transport. Fine! But some objects to be transported are just a bit too big in terms of size and weight. No problem. You can also hire us for just moving white goods or for example a jukebox. A washing machine is not the finest device to move, the device is very heavy and the weight is uneven. If you pick up a washing machine it often wants to tilt and the weight is then only one person to lie, this will be very heavy and so happen accidents.

Enable a removal company to move your washing machine

The movers of a moving company in Groningen have experience with this kind of heavy stuff. If you occupy an upper floor, they can also use one of the available moving lifts. Leave the heavy work to a mover and avoid accidents and pain on your back!

Household storage

Are you going to move to Groningen, but do you need a household inventory between moving house? That’s no problem. Moving companies often have a good, secure household inventory for your business relocation, or private relocation to Groningen. To get your stuff in the furniture store, a moving elevator can be rented and the movers can put the stuff in the moving van and transport it to Groningen. The contents storage is often heated and always meets the most stringent requirements. The contents storage is cheap. Especially when you buy it in a package with the complete removal service you can save on costs.


Enable the benefits of a moving company

Congratulations on your new home! After all the fun and joy of obtaining a new home you will now have to move your entire contents. Are you going to do this yourself or would you rather spend it? Here you can read what benefits a removal company has over doing it yourself. The main reason why people relocate is to save money. Yet the same people often say after the move: “the next time I will move, what a job!”.

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