Unique real estate Marketing ideas

Economy aside, the basic principles of successful real estate marketing remain the same: face time, brand awareness and know your market. However, sometimes exceptional marketing ideas catch on. Most unique concepts come under the guise of “branding”. According to the Realtor magazine, color is one of the most effective marketing concepts for brokers. The key to successfully branding your business is to discover what you know and creatively respond to it. What new are marketing technique that you invent, always read on the rules of RESPA (Real Estate Arrangement and Procedures Act) to certain you do not violate any laws.

Knowledge is power

  • Develop yourself about branding. Coloring is the method of creating awareness that you are the best agent for work.
  • Mine your life
  • Define your niche. What do you want to do? What is your previous professional knowledge or area of ​​expertise? Mine your life experience so that you can give your special skill to clients who are looking for someone just like you.

Be creative

  • Focus on a specific population and develop a unique marketing program that focuses on them. For example, there will always be a balanced flow of first-time home buyers, seniors and, alas, single parents; market to their specific needs. Are specialized in offering properties of seniors who are shrinking. Become a source that feeds information and guidance to your area of ​​interest.

Learning from the masters

  • Learning from the pros. Donald Trump says a $ 10,000 cash reward can drastically affect someone’s decision to buy. He also offers gift vouchers for a free cruise or gift vouchers for high-end purchases such as new furniture or new floor coverings. The net cost of these types of promotions to the seller and often the agent can be relatively small, but can produce a favorable net return.

Differentiate yourself from others

  • Stand out from the competition. There are many professional real estate denominations, but the one you will notice is the accredited Staging Professional (ASP) certification. Property temporary gets more homes than simply sold over something else. These days, sellers are very sophisticated; they are looking for experts who sell their house 70 to 90 percent faster than an agent without ASP designation.

Stay on the current

  • Get connected. The National Association of Realtors advocates the use of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to connect with colleagues and potential customers. Try blogging as well. Through ruthless networking, an agent can find more buyers and sell more offers. Focus of these connections on your brand. For example, create a unique location that specializes in divorced mothers on Facebook. Link to the sites of professionals that mothers may have separated. Create an online support system that keeps them coming back to you.

Sincerity always wins

  • Be generous. When you are at your local coffee shop, either on the counter or the station, pay for the person behind you and ask the Cashier to give them your business card. Building a marketing platform on an act of kindness will reap great rewards, makes one’s day and perhaps you will get a client or a referral.

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