Having your property let or manage by a rental agent requires trust. You will also weigh up the various providers. Nevertheless, we are convinced that we can provide the best service to you. This is why.

Five reasons to choose us as your rental agent

The customer is central:  we are a small company that works with short lines. We believe it is important that our customer knows, trusts us and receives an executive service. Your contact person is the person who takes care of your home and not a delegate. This way you always know where you stand.

Accessibility: once you know us, you must also be able to reach us. You have our direct mobile number and not a forwarding menu at the office. We are also there for you in the evening and at the weekend.

No vacancy: we have virtually no vacancy. We have a large database of house hunters and because we also visit in the evenings, we work very effectively. You will not easily find a real estate agent who rents out your property faster.

Large network:  through our years of experience and personal way of doing business, we have built up a large circle of professionals with whom we work together. You can benefit from that. If required, we can call in the right professional, whether it is a locksmith, a contractor or a friendly broker. And often for a soft price.

Competitive price: with us you get five star services for a very low rate. How is that possible? We are a small company and do not make up the overhead costs of many large brokerage houses. In addition, we do not invest in things that do not matter, such as a view location or impressive cars of the business. Our biggest selling point is not visibility, but service. And that results in a fantastic price / quality ratio.

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